Alarm Permits

Alarm Permits

Alarm Permit

 The City of Lago Vista Alarm Permit helps the Police Department know how to contact a residence or commercial business owner in case of an alarm at a residence or business. The City of Lago Vista Code of Ordinances #21-01-07-01 requires all residential and commercial properties with an active security system to obtain an alarm permit. The permit form includes contact information for two authorized people for the police to notify if needed for an alarm. 


Register Your Alarm

New Permits:  $35.00       |     Renewal Permits: $25.00


Permit Fees

Alarm permit fees are approved as part of our Master Fee schedule in the City’s Budget, available here. 


Permitting Process

Permits are needed for banking institutions, businesses, and residential homes in Lago Vista city limits. Please note that not all addresses that have a Lago Vista mailing address are within the legal City of Lago Vista city limits. Any permit applications submitted for properties outside City Limits will be returned. If a residence or business does not have an active alarm, they may receive a citation.

All alarm permit applications are valid for one calendar year from the renewal date and must be renewed every year. A new alarm permit application and renewal permit fee are required each year to keep information current. Delinquent applications not submitted on or before the month-end due date, will not be processed and revoked. A new alarm permit application and new alarm fee will be assessed to reinstate the alarm. 

What if I have an active alarm system but do not get a permit?

 Unregistered active alarm systems are subject to penalty as a Class C Misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $1 nor more than $200. 


How to get a permit

  1. Apply for an alarm permit by filling out our online form (mobile-friendly) downloading our fillable PDF or email it to us. 
  2. Once your permit is accepted, staff will contact you regarding paying your permit fee. 


False Alarms* (in a 12-month period)

  • Incident 1- 5: no charge, notice of letter sent out after 3
  • Incident 6+: $50.00 per incident

*False alarms where the response was canceled by the alarm company before Officers arrive are not counted. 


Payment Methods

Payments can be made in-person, online, or by mail with a check, cashier check, money order, or cash provided upon review of your application).

  • Online: 

We are currently working on providing online payments in the future. 


  • Mail

To submit the application via U.S. mail, please complete the alarm permit application below. 

Please address checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks to the City of Lago Vista and mail them to: 

Lago Vista Police Department

Alarm Unit

5901 Municipal Complex Way

Lago Vista, TX 78645-5281


  • In Person 

Lago Vista Police Department

5901 Municipal Complex Way

Lago Vista, TX 78645-5281

Questions? Contact our Executive Assistant, Crystal Street at 512-267-7141 or email Crystal.