Open Records Request

To request information through our City Secretary, Lucy Aldrich. Please visit the Open Records webpage to complete an electronic request form. Contact City Secretary, Lucy Aldrich through email at or call 512-267-1155 for additional information.

Texas Crash Reports

To obtain a copy of an accident report, the “Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report” (CR-3) is now available through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) website. They are not available on the Lago Vista Police Department Report Database. Crash reports may also be purchased on the TxDot website.

Blue Form

This report is completed by a driver involved in a traffic enforcement officer; the apparent damage is not $1,000 or more or when the crash did not result in injury or death. Effective Sept. 1, 2017, per the 85th Texas Legislature Senate Bill 312, the Driver’s Crash Reports (Form CR-2) are no longer retained by the Texas Department of Transportation. The drivers involved in a crash not investigated by a police officer should retain this form for their records.