Municipal Court

Lago Vista Municipal Court

**You may be eligible to resolve your case prior to your court appearance. Please contact the court for additional information.**

** The Lago Vista City Council voted to reinstate charging all credit and debit card payments a processing fee to help cover the City's cost for accepting credit and debit card payments. Effective December 01, 2023, a 3% fee will apply across the board to all departments.**


The Lago Vista Municipal Court of Record, Number 1 has jurisdiction over all matters, including offenses and issues provided by state law, and all other matters that are not inconsistent with state law.

The City Manager appoints the Municipal Judge and any Associate Municipal Judges, provided they are approved by City Council. 

In addition, the Lago Vista City Manager appoints the Court Administrator and any Deputy Clerk. The Court Administrator and Deputy Clerk work to administer oaths and affidavits, make certificates, affix the court seal, and perform duties authorized by state law, ordinance, or directed by the city manager.

The mission of the Lago Vista Municipal Court of Record, Number 1 is to impartially administer justice in a fair and efficient manner so that trust and accountability are exemplified to the public we serve.