Vehicle Burglary

CrimePrevention Vehicle Burglary

Protect Your Vehicle from Burglary

The Lago Vista Police Department seeks your assistance securing your property, making it a more challenging target for criminals.

Follow these tips to safeguard your vehicle:

  • Always lock your vehicle and remove all valuables (purse, cell phone, detachable radio, wallet, camera, tools, etc.).
  • Keep your garage door closed at night and when you are away.
  • When entering a store, ensure all items are hidden from view.
  • Activate alarm systems if available.
  • Lock and secure all home entry doors even when you are home.

Taking these quick and easy steps will make your property a hard target and reduce the chance of becoming a burglary victim.

Always be aware of new or unusual vehicles or persons on your

street. If you observe anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call the Lago Vista Police Department at 512-267-7141.