Our department recognized that we exist to serve the community and we are accountable to the community. Our goal is to operate our department with a high degree of transparency and provide our public with information related to the operations of our department and public safety in the City of Lago Vista. 

1. Monthly Reports 

The Lago Vista Police Department publishes a monthly report detailing department activities from the previous month. The format of the monthly report was modified in September 2022 to provide more information and greater transparency into the operations of our department. 

2. Annual Reports  

The Annual Reports are published each year starting in 2022, which details the department's operations, goals, and significant accomplishments from the past year and provide overall crime statistics and comparisons. The department collects, analyzes, and reports the statistical data to the F.B.I. Uniform Crime Reporting Division. Crime statistics help us measure crime levels and evaluate the service needs of our community. 

 3. Public Policy Manual 

As part of our department's commitment to excellence and transparency, we have made certain portions of our Lago Vista Police Department Policy Manual available online.

 4. File a Compliment / Complaint

To report a complaint or give a compliment to a Lago Vista Police Officer or Employee, view the forms.