Pet Registration

All dogs and cats over the age of four months within the city are required to be registered and to maintain a current status. Owners of all dogs and cats shall ensure that each dog and cat has a current tag attached to a collar around the animal's neck. The registration will be for one, two or three years depending on how long the current rabies vaccination is valid. The ACA will maintain a recall system for registration renewals

How to get a pet license

  1. Apply for an pet registration by filling out our online form (mobile-friendly) downloading our fillable PDF or email it to us. 
  2. Once your pet application is accepted, staff will contact you regarding a photograph, veterinarian shot records and rabies shot information.  


Alarm permit fees are approved as part of our Master Fee schedule in the City’s Budget, available here. 

Type (per year)


Neutered dogs and cats


Unneutered dogs or cats


Guard dog permit–commercial


Dangerous dog registration


Dangerous dog (renewal by new owner):


Impoundment fee (per day)


City Ordinance Regulations


Sec 2.209 Procedure For Owner Registration

To register an animal in the City of Lago Vista, the owner shall provide the animal control agent with proper identification and other information to be kept on file by the animal control program for purposes of contacting the owner. Animal owners shall inform the animal control program of any changes in status. Owner registration is required to obtain a city permit and city tag.

Sec 2.210 Procedure To Obtain City Dog Or Cat Permit Tag

To obtain a city permit and tag for a dog or cat over the age of four (4) months, the owner shall complete the owner registration and present the current rabies vaccination certificates for each animal. The Animal Control Officer or designee will document and record vital permit data. A city dog or cat permit and a city tag will then be issued to the animal owner and a copy of the permit will be retained for the animal control program files

Sec 2.211 City Dog Or Cat Permit Fees

  1. Permit fees are waived for any “sight-for-blind” or “hearing for deaf” dogs. In the event that a properly issued city tag is lost, a duplicate tag may be issued to an owner at the cost as set forth in the fee schedule located in Appendix A of this code, upon presentation of the owner’s city permit.

Picture of Lago Vista Animal registration tags.

When you register your pet you will need to provide:

  • A Valid Driver’s License 
  • Current address & contact number  
  • A recent picture(s) of the animal  
  • Copy of a current rabies vaccination record
  • Payment (based on fees described above)

***At this time we are only able to accept exact cash, checks, or money orders***

Lago Vista Police Department Pet License

  1. Application will not be processed without an attached check or money order, or payment made payable to the City of Lago Vista. The permit becomes effective on the date the Police Department receives your completed application. Please print your information clearly.
  2. In Person or By Mail

    Lago Vista Police Department 

    5901 Municipal Complex Way

    Lago Vista, TX 78645


  3. Registration
  4. Animal Information

    Please submit a photograph, vet shot records including rabies shot information MUST BE submitted to complete your registration to

  5. Spay / Neuter
  6. Color
  7. Age
  8. Breed
  9. Rabies Tag
  10. Micro Chip #
  11. Owner Information
  12. Owner Driver's License #
  13. Veterinarian Information
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