Wildlife Information

As our city grows, the opportunity for encountering and interacting with wildlife increases. Animal Control does not remove or relocate healthy native animals; instead, we work with residents to resolve conflict with wildlife humanely.

Photo of several whitetail deer in a field.

"Abandoned Fawns"

Throughout the year we get calls from people who are sure they have found an abandoned fawn. Here are some facts about fawns that will help to determine if the fawn truly needs help or not:

  • Normal behavior for a small fawn is to lie motionless in grass or bushes waiting for its mother to return. Mom does not stay with them. This is normal for the first two weeks of the fawn's life.
  • Very often a doe may have twins or triplets. She will often bed down her fawns in different places to keep them all safe.
  • Fawns that are found resting and appear healthy should be left alone. Mom is nearby and will return every few hours to check on her baby and nurse. The older thePhoto of whitetail fawn. fawn, the less frequently she will return. If by chance you have picked up or moved a fawn, put it back ASAP. Mom will not care that you touched the fawn and/or then abandoned it (that is a myth).
  • A fawn MAY need help if: one is obviously ill or injured; is lying on its side and/or thrashing; it is running and crying; it is wet and cold (especially if the inside of the mouth is cold); it has ants, fly eggs, or maggots on it; it is in imminent danger from dogs or other animals; it is well after dark and the doe has still not returned, and fawn has not moved from where you found it.
  • If any of the above are observed, you MAY contact Animal Control for guidance. DO NOT feed a fawn any type of milk or formula (cold or dehydrated animals cannot digest anything). Keep the fawn warm, quiet, and away from domestic pets. If dehydrated, Pedialyte can be given in a baby bottle.

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