Residential Recycling

Using a single cart for all recycling as opposed to multiple bins sorted by type makes it easy for residents to recycle and help reduce waste.

What to Recycle

You can now recycle the following materials:

  • Plastics Number 1 through Number 5 and Number 7, including water, soda, and juice bottles; Milk jugs, shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap bottles; detergent bottles, bleach, and all-purpose cleaner bottles; margarine tubs, yogurt containers, empty medicine bottles, clean frozen food trays, plastic lids from bottles, plastic takeout containers, plastic produce containers, plastic disposable plates, cups, and utensils (check for recycling number).
  • Paper, Newspapers and inserts, magazines, catalogs, paper egg cartons, junk mail and envelopes (no product samples; envelope labels and windows are OK), boxboard (thin cardboard like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, soda cartons, etc.), holiday and greeting cards, phone books, home office paper (stickies, manila envelopes, file folders, and paper ream wrappers are permitted), and paper bags, excluding gift bags.
  • Metals, including aluminum soda cans; tin and steel cans, such as soup and tuna cans; empty aerosol cans; and metal lids from glass jars.
  • Glass, including clear, green, and amber glass. Place glass containers and their metal lids in your recycling cart with all your recyclables. You do not need to remove labels.
  • Corrugated cardboard, such as moving and mailing boxes. Corrugated cardboard is thick with a wavy middle layer. Pizza boxes are not recyclable. 

Note: All recyclables must fit inside your designated recycling bin provided by the City to ensure pickup.

When to Recycle

Every other week, you will place your recycling and trash carts on your regular pick-up day. The City is divided into alternating "A" and "B" weeks. If your regular trash pick-up day is Thursday and you are in week "A", then you will put your trash and recycling out one week, and the following Thursday you put only your trash out.

Please refer to our map, street index, and calendar to determine your recycling week.

Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule

If regularly scheduled garbage/recycling pickup lands on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day, then holiday pickup will slide forward one day to accommodate for Waste Connections' holiday vacation days.