Animal Control

Protecting Pets and Their People

Lago Vista Animal Control is dedicated to assisting citizens safely enjoy their domestic pets as well as the numerous wild animals that inhabit our area

Owner Responsibilities

Dogs are required to be in a fenced yard or leashed if walking or in a park. To aid in the return of wayward pets, permits and tags are required for all dogs and cats over four months old.

While there is no set limit to the number of dogs or cats a person may have, they may not create a nuisance to others. Livestock and exotic pets are not allowed in the City of Lago Vista.

Reporting a Lost Pet

To report a pet that has lost its owner, is causing a nuisance, or is being abused, please call 512-267-7141

Locating a Lost Pet

If you have lost your pet, contact animal control to see if it has been impounded. You may also wish to contact the Lifelong Friends shelter on FM 1431.

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