Golf Carts and ATVs

CrimePrevention golf cart


Golf Carts / Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)/ Slow Moving Vehicles (SMV) 

The operator must have been issued a valid Texas Driver’s License and insurance related to the golf cart, slow-moving vehicle, or neighborhood electric vehicle. (Must present upon demand by a peace officer)

 The cart must be equipped with the following: 

  •  Two headlamps and two taillamps 
  • Side reflectors (2 front, amber in color, and 2 rear, red) 
  • Parking brake and a rearview mirror with an unobstructed view of at least 200 feet to the rear  
  • Slow-moving vehicle emblem on the rear of the vehicle. 

Additionally, no person may stand or be seated in the lap of another while being operated on a public street. The golf cart can only be operated on a public street to and from the golf course. The golf cart must stay off the main roadways. These vehicles can only be driven on a public street with a maximum speed limit of 35 miles per hour. 

It cannot be operated on or in any public park, sidewalk, walkway, jogging path, park trail, or any other publicly owned or controlled property generally used for pedestrian traffic. 

 The driver shall move to the right of the public street and yield the right-of-way to faster-moving vehicles. 

 Shall not overtake and pass in the same lane occupied by the vehicle being overtaken. 

 Shall not drive between lanes of vehicles or adjacent lines or rows of vehicles. A driver shall cross a multi-lane federal, county, or state route only at an intersection controlled by an official traffic-control device (stop signs/stop lights), which stops traffic from all directions. 

 Shall not operate with more occupants than several seats. It may not be used to tow another cart, trailer, vehicle, or a person on roller skates, skateboard, or bicycle. 

ATVs / Off-Highway Vehicles are NOT AUTHORIZED to be driven on public streets, sidewalks, or other public grounds within the City Limits.