Criminal Investigations

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The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is responsible for all investigative case follow-upA picture of a Lago Vista Police Investigator speaking with a citizen.  investigations on reports initiated and generated by the Patrol Division. CID is assigned to the division and is involved in all areas of criminal investigations, including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, crimes against children, hate crimes,  financial crimes, all felony crimes, and employee backgrounds.

The division's primary function is to conduct follow-up investigations of reported crimes and proactively detect and enforce specific targeted criminal activity. These investigations consist of:

  • Interviewing suspects, witnesses, and victims
  • Collecting, processing, and preserving evidence
  • Analyzing crime data
  • Gathering criminal intelligence
  • Monitoring criminal activity
  • Compiling comprehensive and factual case files to be presented in court to ensure the prosecution of the suspect(s) and the continued security and safety of our community

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Division is staffed with two Detective Sergeants. The unit's primary function is to CID Wilsoninvestigate alleged violations of criminal offenses within the City of Lago Vista, leading to the eventual identification, apprehension, and successful prosecution of criminal offenders. The unit assists the patrol division by maintaining a 24-hour on-call status and responding to investigate major crimes. Undercover operations are conducted through the years, including decoys, surveillance, and serving search warrants or arrest warrants.

Each Detective has received specialized training in criminal law, major case investigations, forensic evidence interpretation, death investigations, sexual assaults, and juvenile offenses and can conduct investigations encompassing a wide array of criminal activity.  Each Detective prepares court cases, coordinates with the Travis County District Attorney's Office, and assists prosecutors with criminal trials and misdemeanor trials.

Need More Assistance?

If you have further information on a case and would like to get ahold of a Detective or need to provide a written voluntary statement, please print the following form. Be specific as you can and fill in all planks. After you've completed the forms, please drop off the statement at the Lago Vista Police Department, 5901 Municipal Complex Way, Lago Vista, TX 78645.

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