Department History

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The Lago Vista Police Department was founded on January 16, 1985, when the Board of Commissioners for the City of Lago Vista enacted Ordinance No. 85-01-16-01, establishing and granting authority to the city’s police department. According to available records, the agency’s first Chief of Police, Eugene Schoonover, and the first three police officers began working for the city on April 15, 1985.

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Chief Schoonover served as the Chief of Police until approximately 1988 when Frank Miller became the Chief of Police. Chief Miller served until his retirement in 2001. Danny Smith was appointed Chief of Police on February 1, 2001, and served in this position until his retirement in January 2022. Robert Sherwin served as the Interim Chief of Police between this time and the appointment of Gary Boshears as the Chief of Police on September 1, 2022.

Here is a picture of the former Lago Vista Police Department on Bar KHere is the Lago Vista Police Department Present (3)

The Police Department was initially located at a facility on Bar-K Ranch Road. The department relocated to a new, state-of-the-art facility located at 5901 Municipal Complex Way in 2012 and continues to be located at this location. The department has grown in size to 21 sworn officers and 10 civilian employees in our Administration, Communications, and Code Enforcement Divisions. 

Department Patch History

The police patch is the first standard police apparent was developed by the London Metropolitan Police, which was also the first modern police force, in 1829. The idea behind the police apparel was to ensure that the newly created police department could share joint authority. This idea worked because the “uniform” ensured people viewed the police force as a legitimate organization. During this time, the idea of police apparel and law enforcement patches gained momentum and quickly reached the United States.

Today, law enforcement patches are the most visible and recognizable symbol of policing worldwide; they are used to communicate the authority that the wearer of the uniform holds. It is viewed by many as a sign of authority, sacrifice, and service. 

The Lago Vista Police Department’s patch has always been a symbol of pride and service provided by the Police Department to the people of Lago Vista. Wearing the patch, presented by the Chief of Police. Wearing the patches on the police uniform is a moment no officer ever forgets and takes great pride in having sewn on their uniforms. The Lago Vista Police Department has had several patch designs in its almost 40-year history; it has undergone many changes throughout history and has not always been the same, as you can see from the attached photographs. All of these patches are recognized and displayed in the lobby of the Police Department. 

Lago Vista Police Patch History

 Original Patch

Original Patch

 Dates worn: January 16th, 1985 - January 1986


The "Original Patch" was the first patch worn by the newly formed Lago Vista Police Department. Before having a Police Department, Lago Vista had a security group: Lago Vista Security. The brown patch is like the one worn by the security group; it matches their tan and brown security uniforms.


Blue Patch

Dates worn: 1986 – 1992


The "Blue Patch" is an adaptation of the Brown Patch. The color was changed to blue to be more in keeping with the idea that municipal police departments use the color blue while county sheriffs use the color brown.


Patch with Sailboat

Dates worn: December 1992 - December 2000




Tactical Patch

Dates worn: December 1994 – December 1, 2022


Worn on tactical uniforms and by team members, this patch is still in service but only worn during tactical operations.


Prudence and Justice Patch

Dates worn: December 2000 – December 1, 2022


The Prudence and Justice patch worn by the Lago Vista Police Department was a tribute to former Police Chief Frank Miller. Chief Miller came to Lago Vista after serving as an officer with the New York City Police Department. The emblem on the patch has Prudence and Justice pictured on either side of the Seal of Texas. This makes our patch almost identical to the New York State Police, other than the seal of New York is replaced by that of Texas. The "Established 1985" refers to the year the Lago Vista Police Department was established.


Current Patch

Dates worn: December 1, 2022 – Current