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Texas Police Chief's Association Law Enforcement Accreditation Program

Core ValuesIn 2023, the Lago Vista Police Department applied for accreditation through the Texas Police Chief's Association Accreditation Program. The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is a voluntary process where police agencies in Texas prove their compliance with 170 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices. Texas Law Enforcement professionals carefully developed these Best Practices to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk, and the protection of individual's rights.

The Lago Vista Police Department chose to subject itself to a careful review of its policies, procedures, equipment, facilities, and operations for many reasons. Still, the most crucial reason is our mission: to ensure Lago Vista remains a safe place to live, work and visit. We expect to complete the accreditation process in 2024 – 2025.

International Association of Chief's of Police Trust Building Campaign

Also, in 2023, the Lago Vista Police Department joined the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Trust Building Campaign. The IACP Trust Building Campaign seeks to enhance trust between police agencies and the communities they serve by ensuring positive community-police partnerships that promote safe, effective interactions, create strategies to prevent and reduce crime, and improve the well-being and quality of life for all.

To join the campaign, police agencies must pledge to implement critical policies and promising practices over the next 36 months. These policies and practices represent six key areas that enhance trust and collaboration between communities and police.

  • Bias-Free Policing
  • Use of Force
  • Leadership and Culture
  • Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention
  • Victim Services
  • Community Relations

Agencies and organizations demonstrating a serious commitment to implementing the essential action items in all six areas will become publicly recognized members of the Trust Building Campaign.

The department’s Captain Chrane oversees the agency’s participation in accreditation efforts.

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