Keep Lago Vista Beautiful (KLVB)

KLVB is a City of Lago Vista committee formed in 1992 by mayoral proclamation to promote the well being of the community by developing programs for cleanup, recycling and use of Lago Vista resources. It is a volunteer organization dedicated to enhancing and preserving the natural Hill Country charm of Lago Vista through progressive community projects.

cvs wall (3)

The renovation of the Lago Vista/CVS wall that is located on the corner of FM Road 1431 and Lohman Ford was a BIG accomplishment for KLVB in 2023. Improvements to the existing masonry stone started back in November 2022, and included fabricated new back channel letters, refurbishing the famous existing Lago Vista Sailboat with back lighting, installing new electrical wiring and a timer, and replacing the soil and plants with new native landscaping. 

  • KLVB takes care of most of the landscaping you see in the public places around the City including the City Hall Greenspace.

KLBV have also placed some puzzle boxes throughout the City of Lago Vista which provide local fun and entertainment for families.

Locations are: Casey Building (in front of the Chamber), Hope Center (next to Veterans Park), Bowden Point (close to the AT&T boxes), inside the Candy Store, inside Casa Mexico Restaurant and our newest location Lakeside Christian Fellowship Church. 

City Hall park