Watering Restrictions

At a Special Called City Council Meeting on Thursday, August 10, 2017, Council called for a non-essential use watering schedule revision for city water customers in Lago Vista.

The revised watering schedule will affect all those who purchase city water in Lago Vista including residential properties, business properties, Homeowner Association (HOA) common areas, and golf courses. Effluent water is exempt from these restrictions as no additional water has been removed from the lakes, only reused water. Rainfall collectors are also exempt. Applications for a variance can be submitted for consideration, but results are not guaranteed. Applications are available at City Hall.

The watering schedule using purchased water from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) will be twice a week, year-round. The water usage specifically applies to outdoor irrigation using an in-ground irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler no more than TWICE per week and only during scheduled days and times.

The schedule is as follows:

watering Schedule

During the 2010 to 2015 drought, the LCRA applied extreme water restrictions to protect the water supply for water customers. Citizens adjusted their water usage and have adapted to a 'new normal' of water conservation practices. This is a sustainable amount of water that seeks to ensure adequate water supply for the near future.

All LCRA firm water users (Municipal Utility Districts) are required to develop and formally adopt drought contingency plans for their own systems in accordance with State Law (Title 30 Texas Administrative Code Sections 288.20 and 288.22.) Our water supply triggers and our target reduction goals for the city and the golf courses are consistent with the LCRA requirements.

The City of Lago Vista has won several prestigious water conservation awards in the past year. This ordinance will continue to preserve our natural resources while allowing customers the advantage of maintaining a stable, year-round watering schedule.

For more information regarding this ordinance, visit the City of Lago Vista Code of Ordinances Article 13.1100 Domestic Water Drought Contingency Plan.