Public Works


The Lago Vista Public Works Department is committed to providing safe, reliable, high-quality water to the Lago Vista Community by operating, maintaining, and expanding the water distribution system. Public Works not only oversees the operation of the Water Treatment Plants that bring and treat water from Lake Travis to Lago Vista, the department also manages and maintains the wastewater collection system throughout the community and certain parts of the Hollows subdivision in Jonestown.

Public Works consists of four departments; Utility, Street, Plant Operations and GIS Services.

Our Utility department maintains all water and sewer lines throughout the City of Lago Vista. Installing new lines and repairing any broken pipes that occur. Responding to any emergency water and sewer leaks. As well as installing new water meters for new developments in the City. They also maintain all fire hydrants in the City. They are responsible for locating utilities for new construction and inspecting any new utility lines to ensure they are properly installed.

Our Street Department, which is responsible for maintaining and repairing city streets and Right-of-Way, roadside mowing, landscape mowing, tree trimming, drainage ditch repair and the installation of new and updated signs. The Street Department also manages the electricity and installation of street lights and reviews and inspects permits for construction in the Right-of-Way. Other services include mowing the airport, assisting Keep Lago Vista Beautiful, Burn Day, Trash Off, and holiday events. The Street Department also manages the Green Center.

Our Plants operations department maintains our water and wastewater plants throughout the City of Lago Vista. Our water operators ensure quality drinking water is delivered to our citizens. Protecting public health is their priority. They do this by monitoring the water plants, and water tanks, performing daily lab tests, and collecting water samples throughout the City. Our Wastewater operators are responsible for public health and environmental health for the City of Lago Vista. Our Wastewater operators clean and maintain the City's wastewater facilities, perform lavatory tests of the treated wastewater, and ensure quality effluent is produced.

GIS services is run by our Senior GIS Technician and is used throughout the City government to support operations, planning, data analysis, policy making, and public safety. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services recently moved to the Public Works Department in early 2023 in order to maintain and support an accurate digital map and geo-referenced City data.

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report

Consumer Quality Graphic

The Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is a document that provides consumers with information about the quality of drinking water in an easy-to-read format.

View the 2022 CCR Water Quality Report (DOC) here.

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