Bonds and Debt

General Obligation Bond (GO) -   Original issue General Obligation bonds must be authorized by a vote of the citizens of Lago Vista. They are used only to fund capital assets of the general government and are not to be used to fund operating needs of the City. The full faith and credit of the City as well as the City’s ad valorem taxing authority back general obligation bonds within limits of state law for taxing authority.

Certificates of Obligation (CO) - Certificates of obligation or contract obligations may be used to fund capital requirements that are not otherwise covered either by general obligation or revenue bonds. Debt service for CO’s may be paid either from general revenues (tax-supported) or supported by a specific revenue stream(s) or a combination of both provided, however, that the I&S tax provides alternate security for the repayment of COs as required by State law.

Revenue Bonds - Revenue bonds may be issued to provide for the capital needs of any activities where the capital requirements are necessary for the continuation or expansion of a service. The improved activity shall produce a revenue stream to fund the debt service requirements of the necessary improvement to provide service expansion.

If interested in further information on City of Lago Vista bonds, that information can be found in our Fiscal & Budgetary Policy